We offer one-time, off-the-record seminars on political practice. Each seminar is capped at 15 students and lasts for two hours. Students who attend are undergraduates and graduates, liberals and conservatives, political junkies and political newcomers. No experience is required.

Each seminar has its own short application.


Joe Donnelly

Former Senator from Indiana. Former Representative for Indiana’s 2nd congressional district.

Date: Sept. 13, 4-6pm (Apply by Sept. 7)


Joe Crowley

Former Representative for New York’s 14th district. Former Chair of the House Democratic Caucus.

Date: Sept. 18, 4-6pm (Apply by Sept. 12)


Deval Patrick

Former Governor of Massachusetts. Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division under Bill Clinton.

Date: Sept. 19, 4-6pm (Apply by Sept. 13)


Jeff Flake

Former Senator from Arizona. Former Representative for Arizona’s 6th congressional district.

Date: Sept. 23, 4-6pm (Apply by Sept. 17)


Marc Thiessen

Chief speechwriter for George W. Bush. Columnist for the Washington Post and a fellow at American Enterprise Institute.

Date: Oct. 2, 4-6pm (Apply by Sept. 26)


Yvette Clarke

Representative for New York’s 9th district. Former member of the New York City Council.

Date: Oct. 7, 4-6pm (Apply by Oct. 1)


Bob Bauer

White House Counsel under Barack Obama. General Counsel to the DNC and Obama for America.

Date: Oct. 8, 4-6pm (Apply by Oct. 2)


David Litt

Speechwriter for Barack Obama. Lead writer on four White House Correspondents Dinners.

Date: Oct. 23, 4-6pm (Apply by Oct. 17)


Mark Putnam, Fred Davis

Special hands-on workshop on political ad-making with two top ad-makers—one Democrat and one Republican.

Date: Oct. 26, time TBA (Apply by Oct. 20)

Application coming soon!


Leah Hunt-Hendrix

Activist, political theorist, and movement builder. Co-founder of Way to Win, Solidaire Network, and Emergent Fund.

Date: Oct 28, 4-6pm (Apply by Oct. 22)


Richard Shelby

Senator from Alabama. Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Served in the Senate since 1987, and in Congress since 1979.

Date: Nov. 1, 4-6pm (Apply by Oct. 27)


Alyssa Mastromonaco

White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Barack Obama. Senior adviser and spokesperson for NARAL.

Date: Nov. 20, 4-6pm (Apply by Nov. 14)


James Carville

Bill Clinton’s chief strategist. Political commentator and media personality. Hosted CNN’s Crossfire.

Date: TBA


Jahana Hayes

Representative for Connecticut’s 5th district. Former National Teacher of the Year.

Date: TBA


Karen Dunn

Lead debate prepper for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Specializes in complex civil litigation and trials.

Date: TBA


Emmy Ruiz

Senior Advisor to Kamala Harris. Organizer focused on empowering women and girls, Latinos, and young voters.

Date: TBA


Marshall Ganz

Teaches leadership and organizing at Harvard. Started organizing with SNCC and Cesar Chavez. Created organizing model for Obama for America.

Date: TBA


Secky Fascione

Organizing Director for Mothers Out Front. Decades of organizing experience including with the NEA and the SEIU.

Date: TBA


Debbie Dingell

Representative for Michigan’s 12th district. Co-Chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.

Date: TBA


Carlos Curbelo

Former Representative for Florida’s 26th district. High-profile Republican advocate for climate change legislation.

Date: TBA


Robby Mook

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Manager. President of House Majority PAC and former director of the DCCC.

Date: TBA


“A new series of student-sponsored master classes is bringing top-level political operatives to campus, not to talk about their ideologies or partisan points of view, but to reveal the secrets of their winning strategies — completely off the record.”


Previous Guests


Jamie Raskin

Representative for Maryland’s 8th district. Constitutional law professor. Former editor of the Harvard Law Review.


Richard Trumka

President of the AFL-CIO. Works to ensure that all workers can determine their wages and working conditions.


Mikie Sherrill

Representative for New Jersey’s 11th district. Former federal prosecutor and United States Navy helicopter pilot.


Chrissy Houlahan

Representative for Pennsylvania’s 6th district. Former start-up COO and United States Air Force officer.


Charlie Fern

Speechwriter for Laura Bush and George W. Bush. Wrote first Presidential radio address delivered by a First Lady.


Lacy Clay

Representative for Missouri’s 1st district. Former Representative in the Missouri Senate.


Amanda Litman

Founder of Run for Something, a PAC that recruits and supports progressives running for down-ballot office.


Trey Gowdy

Former Representative for South Carolina’s 4th district. Former Chair of the House Benghazi Committee.


Mark McKinnon

George W. Bush’s and John McCain’s chief media advisor. Co-host of SHOWTIME’s The Circus.


Ben Cardin

Senator from Maryland. Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


Sean Patrick Maloney

Representative for New York’s 18th district. First openly gay person to represent New York.


Chellie Pingree

Representative for Maine’s 1st district. Former President and CEO of Common Cause.


Marjorie Dannenfelser

“Trump’s pro-life whisperer” and President of Susan B. Anthony List. POLITICO Magazine’s Top 50 Influencers.


DeRay Mckesson

Black Lives Matter activist, community organizer, and author. Fortune Magazine’s 50 World’s Greatest Leaders in 2015.


David Simas

CEO of the Obama Foundation and White House Director of Political Strategy and Outreach for Barack Obama.


Brett O’Donnell

Lead debate prepper for Mitt Romney and George Bush. Media strategist for numerous members of Congress.


Jim Margolis

Senior adviser to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Co-produced three Democratic national conventions.


Matt Gaetz

Representative for Florida’s 1st district. Former Representative in the Florida House of Representatives.


Dana Loesch

NRA Spokesperson. Conservative political activist, commentator, talk radio host, and author.


Cecile Richards

Former President of Planned Parenthood. TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2012.


Neera Tanden

President of the Center for American Progress. Policy Director for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008.


Jeff Roe

Ted Cruz’s Chief Strategist. Helped elect 52 congressmen, 8 senators, and 6 governors nationwide.


Tony Podesta

Washington Superlobbyist. “King of K Street.” “The Lobbyist.” “One of Washington’s biggest players.”


Frank Luntz

Top Republican Strategist and Pollster. Coined “climate change,” “death tax” and “government takeover” of healthcare.


Patti Solis Doyle

Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Campaign Manager. Nationally recognized political organizer and strategist.


Joel Benenson

Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist and Barack Obama’s lead pollster. Won three presidential campaigns.